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White Citizens’ Council

In response to Mr. Espy’s election, the president of the Carroll County White Citizens’ Council wrote an op-ed in The Greenwood Commonwealth stating that Congressman Espy was elected to ensure that more black people got welfare checks. Twenty-five years later in our so-called post racial society, the former Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives – Newt Gingrich – labels the first black President of the United States of America the “food stamp president”.


Uncle Tim and Aunt Taby

A delegate of the black race has always been at the ready to lend his or her experience to the aims and purposes of agendas imbued with the intended nurturing of closed minds and ‘closed societies’. Disgust with these dissidents should not descend to the depths of despising the dignity of their African American experience.

High-Tech Lynching

A technocratic form of repression that propagandizes subtle and blatant forms of intolerance to buttress social, economic and political terrorism of persons whose lives have been colored by differences of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, faith, and ethnicity. It is the mechanization of monopolies of violence (the power of the state) with the aim and purpose of subjecting civil and human rights to ‘rule by law‘ as opposed to ‘rule of law‘. The scope of this repression encompasses society en masse as a means of obfuscating targeting mechanisms calibrated to vulnerabilities that are unique to lives colored by difference, poverty and various forms of imposed powerlessness.

Spiked “Tea Party”

The ‘plight of the ‘poor whites” is a new old political initiative. This initiative is a repeat of an Ole Southern tradition of rallying lower income ‘whites’ to do the dirty work of more affluent whites except this time instead of a Klan meeting they are organized around ‘tea parties’. Instead of guns they have placards that depict an offspring of. . .lives of persons are colored by the social and historical differences that sex, race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity represent.

Curriculum Vitae

Tom L. States PhD Candidate

Fields of Interest: Political Theory, International Relations, Marxist Political Economy

Research Topic: eRacism - Conflicts of Difference

Education History: Williams College, BA Political Science; New York University, MA Politics; York University PhD Candidate

Languages: English, German

Hometown: Greenwood, Mississippi

Words of Wisdom: “IT” is what you are when you are young. Your youth mistakes certainty of the few things that you think you know for knowledge of things that it takes a life time to understand. With time and a few life experiences “IT” becomes the thing you pursue to give your life meaning. Somewhere along the way of having or getting “IT” you ask yourself, ‘Is this “IT”? Panic sets in when you realize that “IT” is your life. Fear and insecurity is that feeling you get when “IT” has not been worth a life time.


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