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Marriage: Equality and Equity

Christian Jihadist must be made to understand that there can be no freedom of religion unless there is freedom from religion. The threats posed by self-righteous religious zealots to liberty and pursuits of happiness arise from a belief in “God” that is stronger than an experience of “Him”. In other words, their faith is more grounded in the things that they impeach rather than the overall message they feign to preach.


Instead of doing their god’s will, too many religious folks preoccupy themselves with doing their god’s job; calling it the “Lord’s work”. Rather than letting their little lights shine, self-righteous bigots of various religious shades devise all manner of ways to shine their dim lights in places they consider to be dark. Each one of these ‘soldiers’ in the army of their ‘lord and savior’ have convinced themselves that they are part of the ‘high command’.

Curriculum Vitae

Tom L. States PhD Candidate

Fields of Interest: Political Theory, International Relations, Marxist Political Economy

Research Topic: eRacism - Conflicts of Difference

Education History: Williams College, BA Political Science; New York University, MA Politics; York University PhD Candidate

Languages: English, German

Hometown: Greenwood, Mississippi

Words of Wisdom: “IT” is what you are when you are young. Your youth mistakes certainty of the few things that you think you know for knowledge of things that it takes a life time to understand. With time and a few life experiences “IT” becomes the thing you pursue to give your life meaning. Somewhere along the way of having or getting “IT” you ask yourself, ‘Is this “IT”? Panic sets in when you realize that “IT” is your life. Fear and insecurity is that feeling you get when “IT” has not been worth a life time.


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