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The Superlative Presidency

This post will be updated over the next four years as President Trump’s promises reckon with the promise of an ‘America’ dreamed in a global reality that will become a nightmare for most of us if we do not ‘wake up’. “We” not ‘he’ are the only ones who can remedy dysfunctional government designed ‘for and by the people’. It does not matter which political party you identify with because the party is over for those who assume that ‘American exceptionalism’ is cradled in the palm of ‘the invisible hand of the market‘. Capitalism is a fist that punches down.

Locura: 3rd World Bourgeois Trash

When you listen to the recording of my father, I would like for you to consider what transpired from the vantage point of premeditated adversity rather than from the vantage point of the specifics of the adversity he experienced. Resist the inclination to sum up the adversity he faced as difficulties that impede the freedom and free association of persons in a specific class or category.

Julian Bond (1940–2015 ) the history he made; the futures he made possible.

I had the opportunity to take a one semester course on civil rights taught by Julian Bond at Williams College. We stayed in touch after the course. When I decided to take advantage of the Williams College winter study program, Mr. Bond agreed to be an advisor for the one month program that I designed. The program consisted of a caravan road trip from Williamstown, MA to my hometown of Greenwood, MS and surrounding counties. As the program advisor, Julian Bond arranged personal interviews for program participants with civil rights leaders and activist. Each student had to study and research a civil right project within the context of their majors.

White Citizens’ Council

In response to Mr. Espy’s election, the president of the Carroll County White Citizens’ Council wrote an op-ed in The Greenwood Commonwealth stating that Congressman Espy was elected to ensure that more black people got welfare checks. Twenty-five years later in our so-called post racial society, the former Speaker of the U.S.House of Representatives – Newt Gingrich – labels the first black President of the United States of America the “food stamp president”.


Boy Scouts of America!

By lifting the ban on gay members the Boy Scouts of America have made a move in the right direction. Their continued ban on gay Scout leaders,however, encourages the stigma that gay adults are pedophiles. Nevertheless, members of the gay community should support the Scouts and give the organization at least half the time it takes some gays to acknowledge and accept themselves. Support for the BSA is not a simple matter of advocating ‘gay rights’ or being on the right side of an issue and history. Support for the BSA is a calling that should annunciate the type of leadership the organization professes. This example and leadership is desperately needed to absorb the impact that enclaves of intolerance have on our social welfare and quality of life.

‘Honkey’ Dory (Part 1: White Space)

“Do you know that a lot of the race problem grows out of the drum major instinct? A need that some people have to feel superior. A need that some people have to feel that they are first, and to feel that their white skin ordained them to be first. (Make it plain, today, ‘cause I’m against it, so help me God) And they have said over and over again in ways that we see with our own eyes. In fact, not too long ago, a man down in Mississippi said that God was a charter member of the White Citizens Council. And so God being the charter member means that everybody who’s in that has a kind of divinity, a kind of superiority. And think of what has happened in history as a result of this perverted use of the drum major instinct. It has led to the most tragic prejudice, the most tragic expressions of man’s inhumanity to man.” Martin Luther King Jr., 4 February 1968

Martin Luther King Jr.

Tomorrow Never Dies by Tom States (January 2015) Your eyes closed forever, keeping the dream alive, as we continue the struggle against what they saw when they were open wide. Your spirit soaring high over that which still divides, a constant reminder to us: “keep your eyes on the Prize”! You are laid to rest […]

Uncle Tim and Aunt Taby

A delegate of the black race has always been at the ready to lend his or her experience to the aims and purposes of agendas imbued with the intended nurturing of closed minds and ‘closed societies’. Disgust with these dissidents should not descend to the depths of despising the dignity of their African American experience.

Marriage: Equality and Equity

Christian Jihadist must be made to understand that there can be no freedom of religion unless there is freedom from religion. The threats posed by self-righteous religious zealots to liberty and pursuits of happiness arise from a belief in “God” that is stronger than an experience of “Him”. In other words, their faith is more grounded in the things that they impeach rather than the overall message they feign to preach.

Username: Mocracy

Occupy Movement Posts 1787 Occupy Manifesto Every word of this document – except those between [ ] – is taken from the Antifederalist Papers written and published between 1787-1789 to protest the architecture of the current dysfunctional government. (Antifederalist No. 4 – 1788) No government can flourish unless it be founded on the affection of […]

Curriculum Vitae

Tom L. States PhD Candidate

Fields of Interest: Political Theory, International Relations, Marxist Political Economy

Research Topic: eRacism - Conflicts of Difference

Education History: Williams College, BA Political Science; New York University, MA Politics; York University PhD Candidate

Languages: English, German

Hometown: Greenwood, Mississippi

Words of Wisdom: “IT” is what you are when you are young. Your youth mistakes certainty of the few things that you think you know for knowledge of things that it takes a life time to understand. With time and a few life experiences “IT” becomes the thing you pursue to give your life meaning. Somewhere along the way of having or getting “IT” you ask yourself, ‘Is this “IT”? Panic sets in when you realize that “IT” is your life. Fear and insecurity is that feeling you get when “IT” has not been worth a life time.


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