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Homophobic Misogyny

For men, especially black men, their homophobic misogyny is the penumbra of a core master-slave dialectic. The aggression of heterosexual men towards gay men is not rooted in how a gay man objectifies that which he desires. In many ways, heterosexual aggression towards gay men is a knee-jerk reaction to the idea that another man would think of them and sexualize them the way they think of and sexualize women.

Homophobic heterosexual females transfer the world view that ‘women are less’ to the feminine in gay men and then turn around and impose that same world view on the feminine in lesbian women. Setting aside for the moment how the masculine in lesbian women is maligned, this transference and imposition is more than the internalization of misogyny. It is the schizophrenic internalization of  misogyny accentuated by a positing of homosexuality as a state of being that is against the natural order of things. Here, Aristotle’s positing of women as aborted manhoods and deformed male bodies is echoed to the affect and effect of homophobic misogyny.

This type and kind of misogyny makes on some levels socially valid the way and manner that women have been historically subordinated and dominated in society.  In other words, homophobic misogyny is not simply a transference of the subordination and domination of women to gay men and lesbian women. Homophobic misogyny is the general acceptance by its perpetrators of the ways of knowing women as ‘less’ and ‘imperfect’. It is impossible for women to have or show ‘hatred’ or ‘distrust’ of gays and lesbians without having or showing ‘hatred’ and ‘distrust’ for themselves.  Forms of homophobic misogyny expressed by heterosexual females are at a most basic level an acting out and acting on of hatred and distrust of self and ‘the other’.

I Corinthians 11:8-9 & Leviticus 18:22

There is a direct correlation between the scope of homophobic misogyny and the intensity of the subordination and domination of  ‘the woman’ viz., of misogyny. A clear example of the scales and scopes of homophobic misogyny is its practice by black females. Few if any human beings have been more ‘hated’, ‘maligned‘ and ‘distrusted’ than black women. From slavery to rap music, black women have been reduced to reifications of orgasms alienated from their bodies and the men they want and who they want to want them for themselves. Many people have the ability to understand the plight of the Negro woman. Few people have the capacity to understand the plight of the Negro woman.  Lesbian women and gay men of all creeds and colours have a unique potential capacity to understand the plight of the Negro woman. This is especially true of gays and lesbians that have been on the receiving end of homophobic misogyny directed at them by black women.

When black women transfer and impose the ‘hatred’ and ‘mistrust’ heaped upon them, they are exorcising ferocious social and historical demons by casting them into the life and lives of lesbian women and gay men.  This phenomenon is all the more extreme when the black woman in question has a homosexual in one hand and ‘Jesus‘ in the other. From the vantage point of a gay person, an experience of homophobic misogyny coming from black women is not unlike staring into an abyss just long enough to comprehend Friedrich Nietzsche’s warning about the abyss gazing back at you.

The homophobic misogyny on display in the ‘For Colored Girls’ clip above lies in the focus of the confrontation on ‘who is bending who over’ as opposed to who is getting screwed when being true to oneself depends not only on a lie, but on the willingness of others to be abused by someone else’s truth. The truth for ‘the gay black man’ featured in the clip is not that he is on the down-low.  The truth is that he has not taken the high road on his journey towards his self-realization. This in turn has resulted in the black woman taking a detour to get to where and to what she imagines for both of them – her truth.

The snare, here, is that one truth requires the other’s truth to be a lie.There are two victims of homophobic misogyny in the above clip. Both are abusing the other with their truth. For neither is their world, what they think or feel.

The world is what it is; our world is real. In this ‘real world’ depicted above, it is a negative thing to be ‘the woman’, ‘a woman’, ‘bitch’ or ‘ho’  being “bent over”. It is a wonder, straight people find love in this mess. It is a miracle that gay people do.

Bitch Planet

When it comes to men, especially black men, at the core of homophobic misogyny is a master-slave dialectic. The master is a master only so long as the slave recognizes him as the master. To get this recognition the master must not only dominate the slave he must subordinate ‘the slave’ to an inhuman condition of servitude, hence chattel slavery. The slave’s recognition can not be freely given, it must be taken again and again to renew the humanity of the master in the process of dominating the slave. The master and the slave must share a truth to sustain a condition of servitude as the essence of their ‘inhuman being’.  They must abuse each other with the other’s truth until the lie is revealed and the truth of human freedom is self-acknowledged. Stand!

For men, especially black men, their homophobic misogyny is the penumbra of a core master-slave dialectic. The aggression of heterosexual men towards gay men is not rooted in how a gay man objectifies that which he desires. In many ways, heterosexual aggression towards gay men is a knee-jerk reaction to the idea that another man would think of them and sexualize them the way they think of and sexualize women.

Hating themselves, some gay men, defend and define their manhoods by broadcasting that their role in sexual relations with other men is NOT that of ‘the woman’. On so many different levels in our society it is understood and communicated that it is bad to be ‘the woman’ when it comes to among other things sex. It is as if ‘the woman’ ‘a woman’ ‘bitch’ and ‘ho’ alike were chattel for sexual positioning not human beings or people.

Fighting Unwanted Cat Calls One Poster At a time

by Stephen Nessen

Anthony Williams runs a clothing shop on a busy strip in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He says he’s not being offensive when he calls out at women; it’s part of his DNA.

“I’m a man, I’m supposed to,” the 30-year-old says. “I mean, I think every man, if they see a woman they feel is attractive, should try to do what they can to acquire this woman.”

Fighting Unwanted Cat Calls, One Poster At A Time by Stephen Nessen June 15, 2013 5:00 PM

Homophobic misogyny for heterosexual men can from this vantage point be summarized: “y’all ain’t gone do unto me what I want to do to my ‘ho’, my ‘bitch’ my woman'”. Because as most homophobic straight men will be quick to tell you, ‘they ain’t no bitch’. Exempting their mothers from their madness, they are not even ‘sons-of-bitches’. Women can usually identify these kind of men when they attempt a shade or two of grey during intercourse. Establishing that they are not ‘bitches‘ their manhood has been negatively defined and put on broadcast.

Siri’s Definition Of ‘Bitch’ Is Beyond Offensive

Things usually get complicated for insecure mannish men at this point. The sexuality that they have on broadcast reaches the idea of sex and sexual violence as acts that do not make them a ‘bitch’. Like the master in the master-slave dialectic these ‘men’ are ‘men’ only so long as ‘a bitch’ recognizes them as ‘men’. What they call manhood is the process of taking again and again the recognition of their manliness in the ways they dominate and subordinate (viz., bend over) the idea of  ‘the woman’, ‘a woman’, ‘bitch’ and ‘ho’ alike. Their ‘manhood’ relative to women is little more than a condition of servitude.

No! This is not to say that all men are in some kind of way gay. All men are figuratively, part ‘dog’. Black women directing homophobic misogyny at gay men and lesbian women should bring to heel the fight in their dogs not the gay dog in the fight. Men do what we do and sometimes we bite. Here, the homophobic misogynist fears being the slave he makes of woman in the gaze of a gay man. It never occurs to them that gay men and lesbian women do not tend to think violently about women, sexual or otherwise.


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