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Jew, ‘the extreme right thing’?

Confronted with demographic changes that deny them power, the extreme right enlisted Netanyahu in their domestic struggle against lives coloured by difference. In the name of Israeli security, Netanyahu enthusiastically provided an assist, wink and nod to political efforts that, if realized, nail persons whose lives are coloured by difference to the cross. Is it possible for Israel to be an ally of the United States and a friend to those opposed to what difference represents in the struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

During the 2012 presidential election Benjamin Netanyahu went out of his way to turn Israeli security into a foreign policy argument against the re-election of an African-American presidency that wields the power that was once used to murder, enslave, confine and ‘free’ millions of African and Native Americans. Netanyahu rallied, aided and comforted remnants of power bases (the extreme right) still engaged in ‘conflicts of difference‘ to close minds open to ideals of freedom, justice and equality. Is it possible for Israel to be an ally of the United States and a friend to those opposed to what difference represents in the struggle for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

“Were all the human ideals to be given to me on the same hand, and Israeli security on the other, I would choose Israeli security. Because while it is good that there be a world full of peace, fraternity, justice and honesty, it is even more important that we be in it.” David Ben-Gurion Fmr. Israeli Prime Minister on Israeli security (1955)

Netanyahu Is Trying to Influence an American Election:
Five Reasons It’s Not Going to Work

by By Joshua Holland, AlterNet | Op-Ed

Martin Luther King Jr., “The Drum Major Instinct” Sermon 1968

Mistrust between the Obama administration and Benjamin Netanyahu has widened even further in recent days because of U.S. suspicion that the Israeli prime minister has authorized leaks of details about the U.S. nuclear talks with Iran.

The core of our armed forces consists of men and women whose lives are colored by difference. Many of these lower income whites, blacks, gays, women, Asians and Latinos would be asked to give their lives in any war with Iran that Israel can start but can not finish on its own without using the nuclear power that like Iran it does not want to acknowledge.

Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu at the White House in 2010Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategic political choices align Israeli security with an extreme right in the U.S. that has demonstrated a willingness to send hundreds of thousands to their death in a war of choice while at the same time restricting pursuits of life, liberty and happiness in our diverse society. Confronted with demographic changes that deny them power, the extreme right enlisted Netanyahu as an ally in their domestic struggle against lives coloured by difference. In the name of Israeli security, Benjamin Netanyahu enthusiastically provided an assist, a wink and a nod to political efforts that, if realised, nail persons whose lives are coloured by difference to the cross.

“Unfortunately, Netanyahu turned Israel from a topic that was beyond all dispute in the American elections, to an issue at the center of a debate.” Fmr Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (2006 -2009)

Five reasons Netanyahu should not address Congress

It may seem superficial and unfair to define Israel’s relationship with the United States based on the foreign policy of a term limited prime minister representing a liberal democratic polity. Perhaps a left leaning prime minister would have rejected the politics of division and remained a neutral but interested junior partner during our presidential election.

The vantage point of the critique offered in this post is not limited to the foreign policy and political proclivities of a single politician. It is understood here that Israel is an aspiring Jewish State in which conflicts of difference are more often than not matters of national security. Regardless of who is in power, Israeli foreign policy is a product of a society where life, liberty and happiness are pursued by bullets, bombs and missiles. While strengthening our commitment to Israeli security, these harsh realities threaten to erode commitments to and understandings of the ideals that inspire the progressive pursuits of life, liberty and happiness in our complex society.

Yes, friendship is full price. We can not afford to pay, however, if the opportunity cost of being Israel’s ally is the integrity and dignity of lives colored by difference. Given the demographic changes taking place in Israel and in the United States it will become impossible for Israel to remain a friend of the United States and an ally of U.S. or Israeli right wing political forces engaged in conflicts with difference.  Were all the human ideals to be given to us on the same hand and Israeli security on the other, let us hope that our elected and military officials chose the human ideals. Only tyrants and fools would want to be in a world where these ideals are voided by the urgency of now.

How Israel Silences Dissent

“Israeli society has been unable and unwilling to overcome an exclusivist ethno-religious nationalism that privileges Jewish citizens and is represented politically by the religious settler movement and the increasingly conservative secular right. Israel’s liberal, progressive forces remain weak in the face of a robust economy that profits from occupation while international inaction reinforces the status quo.” by Mairav Zonszein /NYT


Netanyahu Cites Arab Voters Threat as Israelis Go to Polls

Those offended by the subordination of Israeli security to human ideals should ask themselves whether or not the ‘biblical’ promised land (from the Euphrates to the Nile) is  the same thing as a seventeenth century secular concept of a nation-state viz., a monopoly of violence. When who you are, in the process of becoming, is secondary to certain human ideals, what you are is moot.

‘Who Are We—Humans, Jews, or Zionists?’
By Ta-Nehisi Coates Oct 18 2013

state souls

The state of Israel should rather submit to human ideals of peace, fraternity, justice and honesty than to right wing Christian fundamentalist ideals channeling the future and security of Israel into Christian prophecies that can only be realized with the episodic destruction of a ‘Jewish homeland’ and the setting of Jews on ‘the only‘ path to heaven: John 14:16. Israeli Jews should never forget that much of the right wing in the United States is motivated by saving their souls not their state.

President Obama delivered remarks at American University on the significance of the Iran nuclear agreement and the consequences if Congress rejects it. August 5, 2015.

Whenever the United States is under attack or at war our society grapples with the concept of an enemy as ‘the other‘. ‘The other’ is so broadly defined by fear and insecurity that the concept includes patriotic law abiding citizens whose lives are colored by differences of sex, race, gender, sexual orientation, faith and ethnicity. At these times, difference and differences that may or may not have been tolerated rarely refer to persons but rather personae non gratae. Peace, fraternity, justice and honesty are among the ideals that we depend on to rescue our human being when being human becomes a means to ending lives. Without these ideals, we are left to the mindless mercy of hubris.

The Israeli Radical Right: History, Culture and Politics

“The Radical Right can be viewed as a growing success story. Polls conducted since the 1987 beginning of the uprising in the West Bank and Gaza showed a growing radicalization within the Israeli Right and a movement of some of Herut’s supporters to the small parliamentary ultranationalist parties. The Radical Right appears, in this perspective, as a thriving public culture and a sophisticated political system. Even strong adversaries agree that a long time will pass before the present rise of this camp is reversed or brought to a halt. By that time the Jewish polity is likely to be greatly different from the Israel of David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir, and even Menachem Begin.”

The New Face of Israel’s Hard Right

Ayelet Shaked makes Benjamin Netanyahu look like a liberal. And now she’s the justice minister.


How Zionist Extremists Helped Create Britain’s Surveillance State
by Calder Walton




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 Letter of Resignation from the Jewish People, By Bertell Ollman



Who is a Jew?
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Who is a jew

Bibi Deploys the Southern Strategy

But Netanyahu was not happy yesterday when he saw Arabs heading to the polls. He said, in a message distributed on social media and meant for his base, “Right-wing rule is in danger. Arab voters are streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations.”


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