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Nihilistic Negroism

When it comes to Herman Cain, the black community has to ponder how one of its bright stars gives off such little light? Considering his education and professional background, it can be said with some degree of confidence that Herman Cain is not dumb but you can not be dumb and still not smart. It is doubtful that he would have employed someone to make pizza who interviewed for the job the way he ran for President.

Years before Martin Luther King Jr.  (1929-1968) ascended the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to tell the world about his dream, Herman Cain began living the black conservative dream of Booker T. Washington (1856-1915).  Casting his bucket down into the rough waters of the Jim Crow South, Cain overcame the odds arrayed against black Americans to graduate from one of our elite traditional black colleges. After putting the bachelors degree in mathematics that he received from Morehouse  to use as a ballistics analyst for the U.S. Department of Navy , Cain went on to earn a master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University.

Herman Cain’s corporate career began as a computer analyst for the company that employed his father as a chauffeur. From ‘The Coca Cola Company’, to ‘Pillsbury’ , to Burger King, and then the chief executive officer of ‘Godfather’s Pizza’, Herman Cain tightened his grip on the American Dream by becoming the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The course of Cain’s personal and spiritual life led him to answer a calling to become a shepherd of ‘the souls of black folk‘ as an associate minister of the Antioch Baptist Church where he has been a member since the age of ten.

Championing and defending Herman Cain’s ‘black’ bona-fides with the profile above, Harry C. Alford, co-founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce answered the question – How Black is Herman Cain?  Comparing himself to Barack Obama, Herman Cain answered this question by describing himself as a “real black man.”  He went on to say that in addition to the Democrats being afraid of a “real black man” running against President Obama, they were worried about Obama having to be on the same stage with him because he – ‘Herman Cain’  “knows the issues.”  This is the same “real black man”, running for President of the United States of America, who did not know that China has had nuclear weapons since the 60’s; who had a long ignorant “pause” when asked about recent events in Libya and who when challenged on his lack of knowledge and understanding of ‘the issues’ quoted a cartoon character from the TV show ‘The Simpons’ – “I am a leader not a reader.

When it comes to Herman Cain, the black community has to ponder how one of  its bright stars gives off such little light?  Considering his education and professional background, it can be said with some degree of confidence that Herman Cain is not dumb but you can not be dumb and still not smart. It is doubtful that he would have employed someone to make pizza who interviewed for the job the way he ran for President.  We can only wander what type of ‘real black men’ he would want his sons to be? Barack Obama’s mother was white but it is bright stars like this Harvard Law School graduate lining the sky that allowed Martin Luther King Jr. to see the ‘promise land‘ from a Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee over 40 years before the United States saw its first black president.

“The Negro has the right to study law, but success will come to the race sooner if it produces intelligent, thrifty farmers, mechanics, to support the lawyers.”  Booker T. Washington

Political success will come to black conservatives and the Republican Party sooner if they field black candidates who intelligently espouse a conservative point of view and whose life choices embody the social values they profess through  initiatives like the ‘defence of marriage act.’ In the mean time, conservatives should rely on black conservatives like Herman Cain to support their cause and ‘troubled’ party with financial support.

“When they ask me who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan I’m going to say, you know, ‘I don’t know. Do you know?” Herman Cain

Of the personal issues that Cain says contributed to him having to end his Presidential campaign the most important and relevant facts are:

  • Going back 15 years, there are two confirmed complaints against him by female subordinates that are under seal in accordance with the terms of a settlement reached by the restaurant association to which the women complained at the time.
  • Whatever the nature of the 13 year long relationship that he hand with an Atlanta business women, he chose not to tell his wife about it. Gloria Cain had to find out from the media that her husband gave Ginger White money for more than a decade and that of his communications with her, some where at ‘4:26 in the early morning.’

Herman Cain blames ‘Democratic machine’ for ‘troubled woman’

In the face of a lack of evidence of things unseen, he hopes that we will have faith in him and his characterization of the mental health of the women who have made allegations against him. Even if as he says there is no proof that he sexually harassed female subordinates, his relationship with Ms. White is an affront to his wife, his marriage and the religious conservative principles he embraced loudly and publicly.

Using the same measuring stick that Cain used to point out the short comings of gay marriage, abortion, Islam etc., the behaviour he has admitted to reflects a crisis of the religious faith he professes and of the right wing socially conservative principles he advocated.

It is the hubris of a hyperbolic hypocrite not the distraction and detractors that emerged out of his relationship with women other than his wife that undermined his credibility and viability as a Republican presidential hopeful. His character was not assassinated; it was simply lacking! He hurt his wife, he hurt himself and then he blamed it on his political adversaries. Is this the modus operandi of a “real” and “strong” black man?

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Tom L. States PhD Candidate

Fields of Interest: Political Theory, International Relations, Marxist Political Economy

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