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Spiked “Tea Party”

The ‘plight of the ‘poor whites” is a new old political initiative. This initiative is a repeat of an Ole Southern tradition of rallying lower income ‘whites’ to do the dirty work of more affluent whites except this time instead of a Klan meeting they are organized around ‘tea parties’. Instead of guns they have placards that depict an offspring of. . .lives of persons are colored by the social and historical differences that sex, race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity represent.

The ‘plight of the ‘poor whites”  is a new old political initiative. This initiative is a repeat of an Ole Southern tradition of rallying lower income ‘whites’  to do the dirty work of more affluent whites except this time instead of a Klan meeting they are organized around ‘tea parties’. Instead of guns they have placards that depict an offspring of white and black parents as Hitler. Instead of white sheets they wrap themselves in the American flag. Instead of ropes they have conservative blogs, radio talk shows and a 24 hours network “news” operation staffed with pundits that say things like ‘Obama hates white people.’

They can call Obama Hitler and imply that he hates half of himself but if you call them ignorant you are an elitist or a New England intellectual out of touch with people who are out of touch with reality and have no sense or regard for history let alone facts.

The script for Barber’s ad, which takes place in what appears to be a darkened bar or restaurant:

Barber: “…And I would impeach him, and if that’s not enough–some of you men owned taverns. Sam, you were a brewer, Mr. President a distiller. You know how tough it is to run a small business without a tyrannical government on your back.
“Today, we have an Internal Revenue Service that enforces what they call ‘a progressive income tax.’ You’ll love this: Every year, if not every quarter, we’re basically required to spy on ourselves — report what he earn, who we hire and fire with an all-powerful separate court system. Without representation, they can increase taxes, impose costly regulation or conduct malicious audits.

“Now this same IRS is going to force us to by health insurance. Cram it down our throats, or else. Now I took a took an oath to defend that with my life [points at copy of Constitution] and I can’t stand by while these evils are perpetrated.

“You gentlemen revolted over a tea tax. A tea tax. Now look at us! Are you with me?”

Founding Father: “Gather your armies.”

The Freakishness of Christianity

What would the American culture wars look like if they were less about “values” and more about Jesus?




Published November 13, 2010 in NYTimes’ Week In Review


The next time there is a “Tea Party” near you, take your laptop, ipad, itouch or blackberry and ask the gathered guest to complete the above NYTimes’ Budget Puzzle.

The Tea Party’s Cold War roots.
by Sean Wilentz

The Psychology of Political Slurs
October 29, 2010

Why do candidates for political office sling mud? Well, because it works. Shankar Vedantam, author of The Hidden Brain and columnist for Slate, says that studies are now shedding light on exactly how it works and how political operatives get us to believe slurs about their opponents.

Crashing the Tea Party
Published: August 16, 2011

Embracing the Tea Party carries great political risk for Republicans, but perhaps not for the reason you might think.

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Curriculum Vitae

Tom L. States PhD Candidate

Fields of Interest: Political Theory, International Relations, Marxist Political Economy

Research Topic: eRacism - Conflicts of Difference

Education History: Williams College, BA Political Science; New York University, MA Politics; York University PhD Candidate

Languages: English, German

Hometown: Greenwood, Mississippi

Words of Wisdom: “IT” is what you are when you are young. Your youth mistakes certainty of the few things that you think you know for knowledge of things that it takes a life time to understand. With time and a few life experiences “IT” becomes the thing you pursue to give your life meaning. Somewhere along the way of having or getting “IT” you ask yourself, ‘Is this “IT”? Panic sets in when you realize that “IT” is your life. Fear and insecurity is that feeling you get when “IT” has not been worth a life time.


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